New York Architect Continuing Education Requirements

Cindy Grant, Jan 3, 2018 8:00:00 AM

New York State - Continuing EducationRegistered New York architects are required to complete 36 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years. 24 hours must pertain to Health, Safety & Welfare (HSW).

  • CE Requirement:  36 Continuing Education (CE) hours for every three-year registration period, 24 of which must pertain to HSW. (see CE cycle below).
  • Renewal Date:  Registrations expire on the last day of the registrant's birth month every 3 years. Registrations must be renewed by the expiration date.
  • CE Cycle: Triennial - Credits must be earned within the 3-year period immediately preceding your registration renewal deadline (Dependant on individual registration dates). 
  • Accepted Coursework:  All 36 CE Hours must be taken from an approved provider and in an acceptable subject area, such as through AIA-approved providers. For a list of acceptable subject areas, please refer to question 15 on the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, State Board of Architecture's FAQ page.
    • A minimum of 24 of the 36 CE hours must qualify as Health, Safety & Welfare (HSW) credits.
    • Of the course delivery method (regardless of type of credit), at least half of the required 36 credits must be obtained in-person by completing what the Board refers to as "courses of learning" and defines as activities in which the student has the opportunity for immediate interaction with an instructor, (e.g. a seminar, lecture, workshop). The remaining credits (a maximum of 18 CE hours) may be earned via distance learning by participating in what the Board refers to as "educational activities", which include self-study programs with a quiz and passing score (e.g. on-demand webinars, home studies), teaching a course, or giving a technical presentation. 
  • Reporting of Credits:  Providers CANNOTreport continuing education credits earned to the New York Board, neither can registrants (except in case of audit). Registrants attest to having met the required continuing education requirements on the registration renewal form. Design Arts Seminars reports credits electronically whenever possible.
  • Tracking of Credits:  Registrants are responsible for keeping record of successful completion of continuing education activities for at least 6 years from date of completion. 
  • Audit:  A random sample of New York Architects will be audited to verify compliance with continuing education requirements. If audited (and only if audited), registrants will be asked to provide a record of completion for each continuing education course or educational activity. AIA transcripts are considered acceptable documentation.
  • Carry-over credits: Not permitted
  • Are you licensed in another state? If so, check out the Architecture Continuing Education Requirements. 
  • Also a member of the American Institute of Architects? Check out the AIA Continuing Education Requirements.
  • Have any questions? Post comments or questions on this blog or contact Design Arts Seminars, Inc.
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