Earning CEUs with Distance Learning Courses.

Micène Fontaine, Jul 6, 2017 10:25:00 AM

We get asked this question often: "Can I earn CEU Credits by completing distance learning courses?

The short answer is: "In most cases yes, but..." 

What’s distance learning anyway?

Distance learning is any formal learning activity delivered in such a way that the learner and the instructor are separated by time and/or space. Most common examples include:

  • Correspondence Courses 
  • Online Courses

NOTE: Distance learning courses typically undergo a more strenuous review and approval process, including beta testing, before being approved for continuing education credits.

What about self-directed learning?

Any informal learning activity that YOU planned and want to claim CEU credits for. As opposed to:

  1. A formal learning activity (seminars, distance learning, etc.)
  2. Designed by a third party (such a provider of continuing education)
  3. Reviewed and approved for continuing education credits (by the AIA or IDCEC for instance)

NOTE: Most states do not allow CEU credits for self-directed learning. When they do, it is very few credits and, because it is not a pre-approved CEU, the states require you keep detailed documentation (receipts, notes, etc.) about the activity in case of audit.

In Brief

  • In most states, you can earn CEU credits via distance learning to satisfy the continuing education requirements for the renewal of your architecture, interior design, or landscape architecture license/registration.
  • Some – very few – states limit the number of credits you can earn via distance learning (New York for architects and Alabama for interior designers are two examples of states that have such limitations).
  • Of course the course must meet your state’s requirements for acceptable CEU Credits, which typically consists of approval by AIA, IDCEC, ASLA, and/or your state board under the desired designation (usually HSW / Health, Safety, and Welfare)

Keep in mind that each state has its own set of rules. When in doubt:

Did you know?

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